Welcome to the L3 Blog!

By: Kevin Ladage

Thank you for checking out our blog. We hope you will check back in from time to time to stay up to date on the latest in your lawn and landscape. We will touch on everything from how to irrigate your lawn properly and when to apply fertilizer and how much, to how high or low you should cut your grass and when to prune which bushes. We will have a lot of great content here for your reading. Some of it will be our original content and sometimes we will have some guest bloggers who are some of the sharpest folks out there in their field.

First we would like introduce ourselves properly. We are Ladage’s Luxurious Lawns. Started in 2012 as a purely fertilization and weed control company, L3 rocketed into the consciousness of lawn care consumers in Auburn, Chatham, Rochester, Sherman and Springfield with the addition of our mowing service in late 2013. This was done by providing our customers an affordable and quality service. We instruct our guys to leave every lawn “Fit for a Magazine Cover.” By midseason 2014, L3 had won a State Journal Register Readers’ Choice Award and experienced growth of 150%. The year 2015 brought another State Journal Register Readers’ Choice Award and greater efficiency along with more growth. We intend to continue our growth in 2016, continue to become more efficient and become more active in the community.

Contributing to our growth in 2016 already is our snow removal service. We provide a commercial and residential service to our clients in a couple of different ways. We are able to provide this service with a single snow blower, or with a snow plow. We bring the same “Fit for a Magazine Cover” mentality to the snow removal side of our business as we do our mowing.  Please check out our Facebook page at for a full gallery of photos of our work, while we build our gallery on the web.

We hope your will enjoy reading our blog and take a few things away in the future that can help you achieve the type of lawn you deserve.


Thank You,

Ladage’s Luxurious Lawns