The L3 Bundle Program provides our customers with the unique opportunity to have us perform our fertilization and weed control program as well as our mowing service at a discounted rate.  Bundling the services gives us the chance to be on the yard every week, rather than every 6 weeks, checking for any problems that might arise.  If weeds are present, we spray them.  If bugs are present, we treat ASAP.  We are also spraying hard surface cracks to keep weeds from popping up in your driveway, sidewalk or storm gutter.  In short, bundling can result in your lawn looking like this:

Bundling gives you two options to pay for our services.  Both options give you a guarantee that you won’t have to spend another dime on double mowing, the extra mow in the spring, etc.  All services are

First, there is the Level Pay.  Level pay takes the total amount for mowing plus the total amount for fertilization and weed control, then we give a 5% discount.  After a discounted total is established, we divide that by 12 months and you have 1 flat rate you pay January 1 through December 1. 

Next, is the prepayment.  Prepaying our mowing plus the fertilization and weed control will save you 10% on your yearly total.  This allows you to capitalize on the 10% discount, save some money and also not have to worry about a monthly bill.