Maintenance Programs

The Green Plan is a program design to scientifically detect what your lawn needs.  We work with a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) to take soil treatment 6samples and send them to a lab to be analyzed.  The results are then sent to the CCA where he makes a recommendation for your lawn.  Now, you might ask yourself, “What qualifies a CCA to be making recommendations for my lawn?”  CCA’s are certified by the American Society of Agronomy.  The CCA certification was established in 1992 to provide a benchmark for practicing agronomy professionals in the United States and Canada.  Following the recommendation of the CCA, a customized fertilizer is blended for your lawn.  This fertilizer is specifically for your lawn, no one else’s.  The fertilizer will include macro nutrients AND micro nutrients.  Macro nutrients (N, P, K) last one year while Micro nutrients last for two.  This is a onetime fertilizer application.  It can be applied in the spring or the fall without affect.  Following the onetime fertilizer application there will be herbicide applications every 6 weeks to keep weeds from being problems throughout the season.

The Platinum Plan is a 6 treatment program.  The program includes 2 pre emergent applications in the spring to prevent weeds throughout the season.  The next 3 applications will be a mostly nitrogen fertilizer to promote that deep green color we all love in our lawn.  Finally, the last application is the late fall treatment.  This treatment is designed to get the lawn off to a great start the next season.  The six applications in this program will be on six week intervals. 

The Silver Plan is identical to the Platinum Plan with the exception of the number of applications.  The Silver Plan includes 4 treatments, skipping the 3rd and 5th applications.  Therefore, there will be 12 weeks between the 2nd and 3rd treatments and the 3rd and 4th.